Friday 6 September 2013

楊枝甘露 - Grapefruit Mango Sago Cold Dessert by Grace Tan

Recipe adopt from Carol Hu Blog:-


Sago - 60g,
Fresh Milk – 300ML
Coconut Milk – 300ML
Rock Sugar – 60-80g
Cold water – 100ML
Mango – 500G
GrapeFruit – 1pcs

1)    Rock Sugar + 100ML of cold water, boil using low fire till the rock sugar dissolve and set aside to cool for later use
2)    De-skin the mango and cut into dice and separate into 300g and 200g
3)    Extract the grapefruit’s flesh.
4)    Boil 1L of water till boil and cook the sago until it is translucent. It normally takes 10mins low fire and shut the fire and brew inside for 20mins.
5)    Scoop out the sago and put into a bowl of ICED water to bring down the temperature
6)    Blend Fresh Milk, Mango (300G), Coconut milk & Rock sugar syrup together using a blender.
7)    Mix in the Sago, Mango & Grapefruit with the blended mixutre.
8)    Chill it for 3~4hrs before serve.

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