Sunday 22 September 2013

Egg Tarts by Amanda Tay

 50g butter
50g shortening
80g icing sugar (I reduced to 55g)
1tsp salt (Will reduce to ½ tsp on next attempt)
50g beaten egg
200g cake flour
¼ tsp baking power

Egg Fillings: 
100g castor sugar (I reduced to 80g)
20g milk powder
½ tsp salt
200g water
160g beaten egg
40g egg yolk

 1.      Sift cake flour and baking powder together.
2.      Beat butter, shortening, icing sugar and salt together till creamy and fluffy. Gradually add in beaten egg. Mix well.
3.      Add in flour mixture and combine to form dough. Cover with cling wrap and set aside for about 30 minutes.
4.      Roll out the dough till about 3mm thickness. Using the egg tart mould, cut out the dough.
5.      Press each dough into the moulds. Keep in the fridge for about 1 hour.
6.      Combine castor sugar, milk powder, salt and water together. Mix well.
7.      Add in beaten egg and egg yolk. Mix well. Strain egg mixture.
8.      Pour mixture into tart shells till about 70% full. (I will fill up to 85% in my next attempt).
9.      Bake in pre-heated oven at 160C for about 20 – 25 minutes. 
Source: All About Cakes and Desserts

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