Thursday 20 February 2014

SIEW MAI 烧卖 by Joan Law



- 250g minced pork
 - 100g prawn paste (using fresh prawns)
 - 4 piece chinese mushrooms (soaked and diced)
 - wonton skin or round dumpling skin


- 2 tsp salt
 - 2 tsp sugar
 - dash of soya sauce
 - dash of sesame oil
 - some pepper

- trout caviar

1. Mix all ingredients together and add seasoning to the mixture.

2. The next step is to knead the mixture together using bare hands (I wear disposable gloves). Apparently, the secret as my elderly told me is to knead using squeezing action and also to using throwing motion ie throw mixture back to the bowl. These will help to improve the texture of the siew mai.

3. Spooned the mixture into the centre of the wonton skin and wrap.

4. Place siew mai on parchment paper (on plate) and into the steamer for approx. 8 mins.

5. Garnish with caviar and serve.

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