Sunday 3 August 2014

English Muffins by Neo

Pls make sure you get the right corn flour :)

English muffin (makes 6)
300g Bread flour
160ml milk
1 egg
5g salt
5g sugar
5g yeast
10g butter
1 Tbsp water (to mix with yeast but I omit it)
15g corn flour ( not the usual corn flour. I use fine corn meal bought from cold storage)

1) Mix all ingredient except butter.
2) after dough form add butter.
3) proof for an hour or double it's size
4) release the air and cut into 6 equal dough.
5) 2nd proof for an hour
6) dust and coat with corn meal
7) heat skillet and use low flame and pan fry till both side golden brown

1) fry egg and pan fry the meat patty (I used farmland brand.)
2) slice bun and lightly pan fry it
3) assemble with cheddar cheese, patty, eggs and serve hot

Recipe adapted from 點cook guide.

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