Saturday 28 June 2014

Wholemeal Chia Seed Sausage Buns by Nina Resis

Wholemeal ChiaSeed Sausage Rolls
(Recipe adapted from MagicBreadhouse)

Bread Flour : 100g
Wholemeal Flour : 50g (organic)
Sugar : 25g (organic)
Egg : ½ (~30g)
Milk : 80g
Yeast : 3g
Salt : 2g (Kosher)
Unsalted butter: 20g
ChiaSeed : 1 shot (~5g)
Sausage : 5 pcs
Egg : for egg wash

1) Using breadmachine to knead the dough.
2) 1st proof 60min (double in size)
3) Punch down, divide equally into 5 parts, roll into balls.
4) Rest 10min.
5) Shape each dough into long strips, twirl around the sausage, tug both ends in and place on the baking pan to prevent the bread dough from coming apart.
6) 2nd proof 50-60min (double in size).
7) Gently egg wash the rolls and bake @175 degC for 30min, tent if nec.


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