Sunday 3 August 2014

Japanese Curry Beef Cake by Rontree Chan

Japanese curry beef - Cake (9"x 4" rectangle mould)        
(A)Ingredients for cake batter  
90g    Salted butter (if using unsalted can add pinch of salt)           
    ~ softened and cut into cubes           
80g    Caster sugar           
2 nos    Egg           
195g    Multi-purpose flour           
1 tsp    Baking powder           
60 ml    Milk (I used low fat milk)           

(B)Ingredients for curry beef
100g    lean shank beef cut into strips (or can use any prefer beef)           
1 no    medium size potato cut into cubes           
3 spears    asparagus cut into 1cm thick           
1/2 no    white onion cut into strips           
1/3 no    red bell pepper cut into strips           
40g    Japanese curry cube (I used medium mild)           
100ml    milk           
Preparation - preheat oven at 180DC, lay baking paper into cake tin
(for ingredient B)               
1) heat the milk to simmer and add in curry cubes and stir to combine ~ set aside.               
2) heat up a pan with ard 1 tbsp of olive oil, add in onion, potatoes, bell pepper                
and asparagus. Cook for ard five mins and take out set aside. (no need seasoning)               
3) heat up a pan with a little olive oil, add in shredded beef and season with               
salt and pepper. Stir fry for ard 1 mins. Take out the beef and add into curry+               
milk paste, fold to mix.               
(for ingredient A)               
1) combine butter cubes and sugar in a mixing bowl.               
2) Beat with a electric mixer in slow speed till creamy.               
3) add in 2 eggs, one at a time, beat till light and creamy.               
4) add in milk slowly beat to combine.               
5) seive in flour and baking powder, and using spatula to fold.               
(to combine A + B)               
1) fold in the veggies of ingredient B to cake batter A.               
2) pour in curry paste and beef, fold to combine well.                
3) pour in the entire mixture into the cake mould.               
4) Bake in middle rack for 35mins till the cake is fully done.               
5) I increased the temperature to 200dc and bake for another 10mins to crisp                
 to further brown the surface.               
6) take out and let it rest for 10mins and serve while it is warm.               
(note) : some of the japanese curry cube has higher oil content in it, drain off the                
oil carefully during middle of baking process and continue to bake.               

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