Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shrimp Paste Chicken (Har Jheong Gai) by Conney Romundt

Balacan chicken powder
900g Chicken wings 
Baking powder
Plain flour
Ice cold water
Pinch of salt

This is the powder used found in Penang

1) Marinate chicken wings with balacan chicken powder for at least 1 hour.  set aside. Instead of frying it as per the package's instructions, I want it to have a even crispier exterior I coat it with a batter.
2) Prepare the  batter, essentially, it’s similar to a tempura batter or if you want, you can use the same fish and chips batter.. add plain flour, eggs and baking powder (I like more of this for extra pouff) and some of the balacan powder in this mixture and lastly, add ice cold water.
3) Whisk till all blended and you see bubbles form from the baking powder. Coat every marinated wing with batter and deep fry in very hot oil but low- medium fire (especially if using drumstick)
Wings should turn out very crispy and light. Enjoy!

*those with air fryer, I am not sure if you can do it with wet batter..

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